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Prayer Request: Pray for Forgiveness with the Lord's Love

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Pray for Forgiveness with the Lord's Love (Feb 16, 2010)

Prayer Request:

"Forgiveness" is a Powerful Word.  For God so loved the world that He gave His only forgotten son that whosoever believed in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life....(John 3:16)

My prayer request is that the Lord put in everybody hearts the spirit of "Forgiveness" and showing God's Love in thier daily life...and accepting Him as their savior while reading His Hold Word and having a "Relationship with Him."

Many say they are "Christians" (that is only a word), they don't have a relationship with the Lord...
A relationship with the Lord is to read His Holy Word and to live it daily....
Asking yourself what  would Jesus do or how would people  on a daily basis.(Did you show God's Love)..

Recently I was put in a situation and the enemy used some individuals that did some things that was not Christ like....But, I want to say that " I forgive them and have nothing But God's love for them."

However, Pastor Daryl and his family was obident to the Lord's call to help me  in the time of need in this situation. In the word, it tellls us,  the "Lord will bless those that bless us and curse those that curse us."  I applaud you and my prayer are with you for great things for you in your spiritual endeavors...Trust the Lord and keeping winning Souls for Him.

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