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Prayer Request: Prayer for my brother

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Beverly Nelson

Prayer for my brother (Sep 29, 2010)

Prayer Request:

Please pray for my brother, Chuck. He is 49 years old and is a severe alcoholic. He drinks about 40 beers a day and I'm afraid that he won't make it through the next year.

I have talked with him, prayed with him, and I know that the ONLY way he will stop drinking and recover is with God's help. He will not listen to anyone.


He believes in God (Jesus & the Holy Spirit) but does not lead a Christian Life.

He is constantly in pain from a motorcycle accident, can't work, and is very depressed.


Please pray that this demon of alcoholism will leave him and that he will turn to God with all of his might. Pray that the Holy Spirit will speak words of wisdom & healing unto him and that he will have ears to hear and eyes to see.


Thank you so much,

Bev Nelson

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