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Prayer Request: please pray for Juha, Tuija and Tuulikki

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please pray for Juha, Tuija and Tuulikki (Mar 1, 2019)

Prayer Request:
Please bless Juha S., his family and work colleagues.Juha is under a heavy persecution. Pray that God will turn those who curse Juha into friends that bless him instead. May God provide him with strength and protection. May heavenly wisdom guide him to do the right decisions that please God.My daughter Tuija has several health issues, and she’s depressed. Please pray for her physical and mental healing. Please bless me as well in your prayers for I have been suffering for 13 years due to a painful lump in my gum. May God finally answer my prayers and heal it away!I also have nerve damage and pain in my legs and arms. Thank you for your prayers! God Bless!

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